Creative break! The first last note has faded away. First period of Havarí in Austurstræti in downtown Reykjavik is history. The makers of the creative meeting point for the alternative art scene in Iceland evacuate their home. A hotel will be opened there. But that was not supposed to be with Havarí. „We break to find a new space where is a bigger stage, where artists can work and show their art in a real gallery „, Berglind Häsler said to me in an interview. The Icelander manages this project together with her husband Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson and the friend Baldvin Esra Einarsson. What started as a three-month experiment also with Gogoyoko and the record labels Borgin and Kimi, has developed within a year into a melting pot for musicians, artists, creative people in Iceland. I’m looking forward to the re-opening of Havarí!

Here my Audio-Slideshow:

Audio-Slideshow „Goodbye Havarí“ from Tina Bauer on Vimeo.